Weekend trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam was cool, fresh and even with its old houses it looked really modern!
For quite a while I wanted to go to Amsterdam walking through the streets, taking pictures and having a good time. And of course enjoying the famous canals with all the bikes and good lord there were a lot of bicycles! 

The Flight:
From Vienna there are three options to go  to Amsterdam. We decided to take the aeroplane which is the easiest way and obviously the quickest one too. Of course if you have more time in Amsterdam you can take the bus or the train if you like that more! But because we were there for only three days, flying was the only option we had! We booked our flight at Austrian Airplanes and the journey was 1 hour and 55 minutes! We got a muffin which got me really excited! No jokes!

The Hotel:
The hotel couldn’t have been better located even if it wanted to! We had everything we needed right in front of our noses! The museums (Van Gogh and so on!) The parks and the shopping street were around the corner. Infront of the hotel we had one of the so many canals where you could take a boat tour. Let’s talk about the hotel itself: The name of the hotel is American Hotel Amsterdam. And even if I absolutely love the hotel and their interior I have to say that we weren’t welcomed in the most welcomed way which was a shame! But after entering the room I wasn’t thinking of that anymore because the room was amazing! The bed was big, and I guess it was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in and the view was amazing! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you guys more about the food because we decided not to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner there! Even though we had a bit of a bad experience in the beginning of our stay we had the most welcomed and friendliest goodbye when we left the hotel!

The Food:
I love food and what do I love even more? Breakfast! That’s why I was looking for some good recommendations around the internet and found the best restaurants I could have asked for!
The breakfast:
The first time we had breakfast we went to Mook Pancakes and hell yes, they were good! And even if I can’t make good pancakes I am a bit picky and I don’t like every pancake I get! (loved one in London: My old Dutch!) Best one in Amsterdam: Mook Pancakes! BUT lets talk about that breakfast experience for a second! The Shop was nor very near to our hotel, but we still wanted to try it out (15 minutes by foot) When we arrived we thought for a second that it was closed, and I was really sad since I was really craving pancakes for quite a while! But after standing in front of the shop for let’s say 2 minutes we saw that it was open! Something I noticed was that Amsterdam’s shops/Cafes are really modern, instagramy and quite hipster! And so was this café! We took a lot of pictures of our food and from photos you might see on Instagram in the next couple of days! The food was delicious, and I was super happy that I found this place! (we ate: The blue magic and the blue magic deluxe and we had a peer juice and a watermelon juice!) Not only looked the food amazing it even tasted incredible! And I can only recommend it to everyone!
The other time we had breakfast I would have loved to go back to Mook Pancakes because they were so good however we wanted to try something new! The next location was Teds which was really good too! And even a bit different to Mook Pancakes! This time we had two times eggs any style where you can have avocado, salmon mushrooms and so on! I loved it! The interior was absolutely amazing, and I love their joke hanging from the wall! I was really happy that we found two amazing breakfast cafes that looked so great and had amazing food! There is actually only one thing I can say: Please come to Vienna!!!

The Lunch:
We never really planned where we want to eat lunch, but we always found such great places that I want them to come to Vienna too so that I can eat there too! On our first day we went to an Irish pub next to our hotel and it sounds like an irony, but I have never been to a pub before, so I always imagine that I would visit a pub in London and not in Amsterdam! The food was so good! The view from that restaurant was great we were sitting in front of the canals watching the boats go by!
On the next day we had lunch at Toastable which was great and had the best view! The café was next to the flower market, so we had a bit of a look around before getting our big toasts! I had a say cheese toast with still water! Sadly, I can’t remember what Marie-Christin had for lunch, but one thing is for sure it was as delicious as mine!
The Dinner:
It wouldn’t be a typical Marie-Christin trip if we weren’t at Subway once! So yes, first dinner was subways and as a dessert we had ice cream! On the second day we had Japanese food at a really small restaurant! But let’s say it that way their maki was the best! (At: Taksteeg)
The Snack:
A smoothie I couldnt get enough! It was a Mango, passionfruit and orange smoothie and it was delish! You can literally get them in every supermarket!

What to see:
It always depends what you want to see in Amsterdam because let’s be honest people are coming there for many reasons! 
We saw the Anne Frank house; the museums and we had a boat tour! All in all, we had a good look around to see every bit of Amsterdam we could have seen!
And because we were next to the shopping street we had walked there quite often where we found due to a friend of ours that they have a topshop there!!

Amsterdam was amaing and I loved everything about it! The food the places, the streets!
But something I hated was: The bikes, the cars and the trams! Yes you heard correctly! Something I was shocked was that the streets are chaotic! There is no proper sidewalk, bicycle path and so on! Which was quite dangerous sometime! But all in all I had a very great time there and I enjoyed every second there!  

Photo Credits: Veronica Krupitza