Five Spring Essentials

I love spring. And I love the warm weather a lot! So today I wanted to share six spring essentials that will be in my closet for the next couple of months.
Sunglasses are the best even though I am really bad at having them around me. But I love sunglasses and for those sunny days it’s the best thing to wear. This time I got a pair from Primark. I love buying them at Primark since they are quite inexpensive and when you want to get a specific trend, but you are not sure if it suits you, Primark is the best place to shop. I wanted to try out the Ray-Ban for this spring/summer season!

© Diego Krupitza

Basics with a twist. Another thing I absolutely love is basics. However, in summer, I think some basics can be a bit boring but then there are some other ones that have a little twist. For example, my white t-shirt with those little fray detail. I absolutely love to wear it with jeans!

Which brings us to the next topic. Jamie Jeans by Topshop! Yes! Blue denim but not any blue denim. I am IN LOVE with Topshop ever since! And I always wanted to get my hands on a pair of Joni Jeans. BUT after travelling to London I got to know the Jamie Jeans! And since them I am absolutely happy! So, a pair of Jamie jeans is a total essential since you can pair it with the sunglasses and the white tee. Plus, you can dress them down too!

© Diego Krupitza

A pop of colour is all you need! I just bought a yellow white stripy t-shirt and I am really excited to wear it this week! Yellow is this spring/summer trend colour and I am totally buzzing for it! This top actually screams summer to me and if you are more of a blouse kind of girl the sunglasses and the Jamie jeans are great to pair with!

Double denim might be my thing for this spring/summer session as you might have seen in my Instagram! I love my denim jacket and it took me quite a while to wear it with my Jeans! But this time I can see why people love the denim style!

© Veronica Krupitza

© Veronica Krupitza

© Veronica Krupitza

Jamie Jeans / Sunglasses / White tee Original one from Primark similar ones here and here / Yellow stripy Original one from Primark (In the shop now!) similar one here / DenimJacket /