As you might know, today is women’s day!

We, as women, should celebrate that day but also fight for equal rights, since still we don’t have the same right than men. I am not talking about having more right! NO! Same rights for example, equal payments, carrier, and the most important one education. Since in a lot of countries women/girls don’t have the opportunity to go to school because they have to help at home and take care of their brothers and sisters. Or their family needs money so they need to go to work or have to marry really early! They must help their family in every way they can!

So, let’s fight against that! We, as women, should help each other’s as much as we can! Because together we are strong and we can do whatever we want!
Quite often I have some conversations with one of my very good friend about women`s right but also about equality since this is something we have to fight for!

Because Equality empowers everyone! That’s not only a slogan but also an organisation from my good friend. (LINK to e-ee.org) (they are on Facbook too!) Another organisation that I really like is HeforShe!

Anyway, today I want to talk about women and equality! Quite often when I tell someone something about women rights, they call me a feminist, which is not quite right. I don’t see myself as a feminist, more like a woman who thinks that it is important that women have the same right like men, for example, equal payments! However my friend always says to me: “Every woman who wants to do more than just being at home or wants a have a carrier, is a feminist.” And she is right!

I want to be more than just a woman who is taking care of her children and being at home. I am more than that! And every woman is more than that, we are teachers, we are doctors, we are lawyers, we are computer scientists………

We are more than just a woman!!
Happy Women`s Day to everyone! Don’t think about having better conditions than men, think about having the same conditions! And fight for it!

See you soon

Xx Vero


  1. There you are absolutely right! And I think that one of the most important steps in a better future is to start excepting women for who they are and for who they want to be. If a girl wants to become a doctor, she should be equally supported as when a mother wants to stay at home and take care of her kids. Women should decide for themselves and everybody (not just men but also other women) have to stop judging. We are young, we are independent, strong and we know what we want. Women have to empower women and men have to empower women, but we also have to empower men because if we want to achieve equality we cannot focus on one gender only. That's why people sometimes cringe when they hear the word "feminist". Because activists sometimes build up their own female world and exclude the other gender. But men must not be excluded if we want equality because that we can only achieve if we finally work together and realize that gender does not matter. Neither at home nor at work.

    1. Dear LittleM, first of all thank you for your comment I am really happy about that.
      Everything you said in your comment is true, i can only agree. And hope that one day everyone sees that and accept women and men the way they are as well as what they want to become.


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