I like a lot of things but today I want to show you three beauty bits that I loved for not only one month but for a couple ones! Because let’s be honest if this would be my general favourite I needed to show you a lot of food. Let’s get started

I am addicted to nail polish! Yes, I really am! And I guess most of my friends might say that cannot be true. Well I am not a fan of wearing it but buying nail polish is one of my addictions! However sometimes you might see one colour in particular. In Winter it was a really red colour that I loved a lot but this season I am all about the nudes! And that’s what you might find on my nails! But to be honest there might be only one particular colour you will find. And unfortunately, the brand doesn’t exist anymore. Th colour is nude, but it has a splash of grey and pink in it which makes it for me a bit more interesting! The colour is perfect for every outfit and I guess it suits everyone. However, I find some nail polishes that look the same and are even better on your nails because that one here doesn’t want to stick on your nails for a long time.

Perfume. Is one of my hardest topics when it comes to beauty bits. I love it, BUT I am really picky when it comes to the scent. I don’t like sweet scents, I hate vanilla scents and I don’t like scents that screams to me: Bang I am here! Oh, and I don’t like really woody scents... Yep, as I said I am really complicated. Although, I have such problems to find a good perfume for me I got one for Christmas from one of our oldest family friends. The first thought was, when I got that perfume was: Good Lord why. But after trying to wear it for a couple of weeks I started to love it! To be honest I cannot really describe the scent, but it isn’t quite sweet, vanillary or woody for me it just fits perfectly. Even thought in their description it says floral it doesn’t smell like it.

The last but no means least, is my The Body Shop skin defence! I had my eyes on it for quite a while now, but I never bought it because it is a bit expensive in Austria and I wasn’t sure if I will use it that often. After I went to London for my birthday I saw that product at The Body Shop UK and thought I am going to try it out! (because it was a bit cheaper too!) Since it is a multiprotection essence I thought it might be a good thing for my face, since it has SPF 50!! And to be honest it’s the only things I need for this summer season (and even now because its pretty hot!) Its actually a daily moisturiser for your face! Which is also a sun protection and some other bits. Because the sun burns me quite quickly I am using this cream a lot. A big bonus for me is that it doesn’t not feel like I am wearing sun cream!! No sticky feeling!!  

©Krupitza Veronica

©Krupitza Veronica

©Krupitza Diego

© Krupitza Diego

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So that’s from me! I hope you got to know some new products and if not please let me know what you think of those three!