A week in London

London! Oh London! If i could I would stay there forever!
I love London and I am always saving money so that I can visit my big old love of my life - the city I want to live one day.

But this time I went there to celebrate my 21st birthday with two of my besties! We did a lot and with a lot, I 100% mean it that way!

Normally I would write down every day separately but this time I guess it’s the best way to write it all down in one.
London was beautiful, sassy, amazing, polite and super cold! Yep it was freezing, and I can literally tell you I was wearing two jumpers over two tees and a jack wolfskin jacket and over a coat! Oh, totally forgot to mention the three pairs of socks as well as my hat and scarf. As you can see it was freaking cold!
Oh, and there was a lot of snow!

But back to my lovely place and what I did during my week in London:

© Marie-Christin Tripolt

Where to say:
I love staying at Canary Wharf its actually my favourite place (well you will hear that sentences a lot during this post – I am sorry^^) I love staying near the Thames! But this time as well as the other times I was staying at a nice place between Paddington and Bayswater (Hotel: The Queens Park). I really enjoy staying there because its literally next to Hyde Park and Marble Arch! We had three undergrounds around us and a lot of busses! Oh, and I love their breakfast a lot!

Where we ate:
Well it would be a lie if we weren’t eating at subway every day because eating in London is expensive and not only me but my friend love eating subway anyway! A place I am visiting every time is the old Dutch! For all of you who do not know the old Dutch it’s a pancake shop! Here I have to say a big thank you to my brother (check out his photos after reading my post ;) ) who found that pancake shop years ago! I am freaking love their pancakes!
How can someone go to London and not eating fish and chips? Don’t ask me it’s a tradition for me to eat fish and chips whenever when I am back in London. Besides I am always eating it at the same place next to The Tower of London. It’s a very small and hidden restaurant but if you found it and tasted their fish and chips you just can't go and never come back! Here you can see where it is! *here*
Another tradition of mine is to go to burger kind because I don't know why but I like their burgers a lot in London maybe they use some other sauces?? Don’t ask me. But I like it!

Next tradition is a little restaurant at coven garden! Everytime I am there I NEED to go and drink their homemade lemonade! The best one I ever had! (Restaurant: Le Quotidien)
Tea time is a must(!!) In London and I always have it at Patisserie Valerie!
What can I say but Costa have the best hot chocolates ever!
For my birthday we went to PeggyPorschen. The cake was good, and we got some really Instagram worthy photos!
The best cuopcakes you can gte are at Lola`s Cupcakes!

© Veronica Krupitza

Must see:
Oh, there are so many places to go to when you are in London and obviously you have to see the basics aka Buckingham palace, Big Ben, Westminster, St. Paul Cathedrals, Tower Bridge and so on!
But there are some extra bits that I love to see:

I have never been to Primrose Hill before and I have to say I really love that place! Not only because it’s a little park where you have great view over London! A bonus is that you don’t have to pay for this view! This place would be amazing during summer where you can have a little picnic and enjoying the great view of London!

© Veronica Krupitza

Camden Town was on my list for quite awhile now! So, this time I saw it and I kind of like it! Its quite different to the rest of London I saw before! And that makes its special.

Harrods is one of the basic places to go when you are in London but go and look at the neighbourhood, its so beautiful!

If you like to see the bank district, you have to go to Canary Wharf! I absolutely recommend it to everyone! And in the summer, you can eat lunch/dinner or even breakfast next to the Thames! I wouldn’t recommend during this in the colder winter days because it is very cold and windy!

Hamley`s is a big toy shop! And maybe as an adult you think that’s not for you! Well I can only disagree! This toy shop is different, and I am always there when I am in London.

Leicester square is one of my favourite places in London! Its next to the M&M shop but when you are sitting in that little park next to the statue it feels like you are not in London! Unfortunately, its only open during summer time!

Notting Hill! We walked by and it was crowded! Then I realised we found Notting Hill markets and that they are open on Saturday! Since there were so many people there I couldn’t take a picture! But I really recommend it to those who love vintage and antic things!

Oh, Covent garden! Also, one of my fav! Covent Garden has a lot of history which I am not going through with you now! But it still has its magic for me! If you are there you need to eat at Le Quotidien and have a little dessert at Lola`s Cupcakes!


What I love to do in London is, watching a musical! If you want to do this, buy your tickets online OR search for a musical you want to watch and buy the tickets on the day you want to watch it at the theatre. Why? Well, normally they have some special offers for those still available tickets.

Well there is quite a lot of things to do in London, but if you want to have a day trip to another city in England there is also a blog post on my blog! *daytrip to Brighton*

© Veronica Krupitza

I really love London and I had the best time there! So, hopefully my little guide helps you to see some new bits in London too.

 All pictures have a copyright!