A Splash Of Spring

Spring came and we all know that!

And for this season I kind of changed my whole breakfast. During some days I just change my breakfast from one moment to another. And that's what happend to me before Easter Sunday! I had a great night out with one of my oldest friends and after dancing all night and having a little sleep-over we had (obviously) eaten breakfast!
There I got to know my little obsession of chives! Yes you heard right!

So today I am going to show you three beautiful and even a bit healthier breakfast option I was loving - and still loving - a lot!

© Krupitza Veronica

Let's start with the chives!
For quite awhile now I am always eating a toast with butter (depends which one I have at home!) And chives! When I am in a very good mood I am even have some cucumber with it! (Unfortunately I was quite happy the last week's so I can't show you my little cucumber slices!)

© Krupitza Veronica

My next fav brekky is yoghurt with fruits! The last couple of weeks I had yoghurt with blueberries, banana and strawberries! But it always depends what I have at home something's it only yoghurt with strawberries or blueberries or even just yoghurt and bananas!

© Krupitza Veronica

Waffles! If you are following me on Instagram you might realised that there was some couple of months where I was a bit obsessed with waffles for breakfast! And yes I am still a bit addicted to waffles! But now I am more of a weekend waffle eater!
Normally I eat them with butter and cranberry jam or with honey! And when I have one of my naughty days you may find a splash of chcoclate on it!

© Krupitza Veronica

 So those are my favourite breakfast ideas from the past couple of weeks!

What`s your favourite breakfast?