What`s in my bag

I am a very curious person like honestly, I totally am!
Maybe that’s the reason why I love those what’s in my bag videos on YouTube!
Another thing I like is to see is which products people around me like to use, for example when I went to Prague with two of my friends I got to know the best body butter ever! It literally saved my life during that trip and when I came back home it was the first thing I bought! Another example would be my trip to Naples with my two besties where I got to know the brand Puba and fell in love with their products because my bestie introduced them to me!
But that’s not what I want to tell you guys today!
Today it’s all about what’s in MY bag during the last few weeks as well as what bag was I wearing the whole time and why! First of all, this video is not sponsored in any occasion every opinion in here is mine! Ok the let’s go into the blog post:

I like bags; however, I don’t want to spend a lot of money for bags because … well let`s be honest if I have to choose between a bag and food, food will always win! That’s the reason why I get my bags in all the streetstyle shops as well as Primark and yes, they have a lot of good bags as well as some that are a bit questioning for me. But for this spring they got some really pretty ones and you can tell I am a bit obsessed with my new old purchase I did the last time in Primark! In the beginning of February, I went into Primark just to have a little look around and then I found a little cute looking brown bag! And we all know it I love brown bags a lot which means I bought it and was wearing the bag since then! During this time a got a lot of compliments and comparisons with the Chloè Small Pixie Bag! And yes, this Primark is inspired by the Chloè one! First of all, because I don’t have the money to spend it on a 1190 Euros bag, which is great if you can! (here you will find the original Chloè bag!) But for all of you who can’t afford one (or don`t want to buy an expensive one) I will tell you how I feel about the Primark inspired one.
When I got the bag first I was a bit unsure of it`s shape! I never had a round bag before and I thought it might be a bit unpractical. However, after using it the first time I as that there was no problem with the shape at all! What I like about this bag is the details and yes there are some! First of all all the gold hard wear there are two gold circle which you can see as your gold details on both sides or as another way to wear you bag! I personally see it as a detail since I only use the shoulder strap, where you can change the length!! The bag is all in all brown and has a brown suede effect under those gold circles, which I like!
The bag itself is quite roomy, and I can fit a lot in it! If you like the Chloè Pixie bag but you can’t afford it Primark has a really good option in stock now if you are not a fan of the brown version there might be some other colours in the shop right now! The bag itself costs 14 Euros which is 10 Pounds! Yes, it is a Bargain!!
And back we go what did I have in my bag since I bought it! First of all, I have to say that I was wearing this bag nonstop, so you can see that I am absolutely obsessed with this bag and it came to London with me and back and it still looks like it is new!
There we are:

Products in my bag:

Something that is always in my bag is my travel card so that I can take the busses, trams, overgrounds and undergrounds! If you are in Vienna, there are a lot of different tickets you can get! At Wiener Linien so make sure to check out which ticket you need for your stay!
And my Purse from Loui Vuitton I got this purse ages ago when my father went to Paris! Honestly, I never used it before because it was too fancy, too expensive and I didn’t want it to get dirty. Since I had a little clean up some months ago I thought it`s time to use this little purse and so did I!

I always try to have handkerchiefs in my bag, since I am always forgetting to take the with me. These ones are from DM! So, if you are in a German speaking country you might have a DM around your corner! If not, sorry! These tissues are their home brand so nothing fancy. And because I am even more in love with London I needed the special edition! Yep I do feel fancy when I am taking them out of my bag.

The next thing in my bag is a hand sanitizer and it’s a specific one. Yep, I am a bit picky if it come to a decent hand sanitizer and maybe that makes me crazy, but I hate the smell of watermelon on my hands so as you can imagine this one here does not have a watermelon scent at all! You only get this hand sanitizer in the UK (well I did not see it anywhere else so if you are living there, you are lucky!) I got that one at Tesco Metro at Canary Wharf!

The next two things are bits and bobs I am so happy to have in my bag because they kind of saved my life when I needed them the most!
Alverde Naturkosmetik body butter in the scent macadamia and karitèbutter! This body butter saved my life during Prague and now during London! This is the best thing ever and yes I do use it as a body butter but also as a hand creme. This here is the mini version and I can say I almost finished it and need to buy it again absolutely love it! This product is only available at dm`s! So, sorry again for those who do not have a dm at their country!

The next product is a lip balm and it saved my lips during Bratislava because I forgot to pack my lip balm for that trip. So I needed to buy one there! I bought this bad boy at Billa which a supermarket. Since then I always have this lip balm with me and it even travelled to Prague and London.  Another lip balm that I am normally using (For over years now!!) Is the Noutrogena original lip balm which is heaven for me!

It’s a notebook! I love to have something to write with me because sometimes you just need it. This one here is perfect for every bag! You can get yours in every place.

The last but no means least product is quite new however, it does not look like it because I used it way too often! I got this Kylie Jenner liquid lipstick for my birthday and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I am wearing this colour every single day! And since I got it its in my hand bag!
So, this is everything I am having in my bag for the past few weeks! I hope you enjoyed that little part of my handbag life!

Have you already used one of those products?

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Photo Credits: Diego Krupitza