The fantasy in our heads

Not a lot of people know that, but I love a good book, however since I started university I kind of forget to read anything that isn’t university related which is quite sad, to be honest!

After a while of not reading anything at all, I started to go through my little reading list, where I found some books that I was and still am really interested to read: So here is my reading list for the next couple of months and why I am excited for these books:

1.The little black book: I started that book in the beginning of February and I really enjoy reading about women working in the creative field as well as getting some tips and advice for my future work!

2. Everything Everything: Long time ago one of my favourite Yotuber Zoella talked about that book in her Book Club! Since then I wanted to read it. After I found out that there will be a movie out pretty soon, I thought it`s going to be time to acually buy the book! Since I love to read the book before watching a movie! So I bought that book,however I never read it as well as I never saw the movie! So I guess, it`s time to read it and watch the movie! 

3. Peter Singer: I guess not a lot of people know him, but I think I need to explain why I want to read that book. When I was in high school I had philosophy classes and I really enjoyed those.  And during that year we learned a bit about him and because I don’t really like how he sees things I thought I need to try out his book. I started during summer 2017 but since that book is about some quite heavy topics I can only read five pages in one go! With that book I started to think about life and wrote a blog post about: Being a good human being (It`s in German so if you want to read it just click *here* sorry this post is not in English).

4.  The Life-Changing Magic of not giving a fuck written by Sarah Knight, is a book that was a long time on my book list! I am really interested what she has to say about not giving a damn about what people say about her! Lets see how it works!

So that’s my reading list for the next couple of months! Do you have a reading list or books that you want to read pretty soon? Let my know in the comments below 😊

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