Talking about Love

L.O.V.E….. is something everyone wants in his/her life.
But where can I find that?
Nowadays it is hard to find a person who makes you laugh, likes you in the way you are as well as he/she is loyal which is a important thing.
That`s why quite a lot of people are single since they didn`t find that one person. Or perhaps they don`t want to find someone to love since it is easier to have a one-night-stand than being in a relationship.

If you are in a relationship life is a little bit different than it used to be. You cannot go out and meet your friends just because you want to, you cannot flirt or going on a short trip with all your mates. You have some responsibilities.
However, every relationship is different and has its own rules even though you need to take care of another person since you are not alone in a relationship...

Love is something beautiful however it can become something hard, bad, stupid… and makes someone blind.
The thing about Love is hat we don’t think what we are doing for someone. We don’t question every move we did like before. We just do everything to be loved from somebody. Even cheat, break heard, or hurt other people`s feelings.
However, we do think that love only has one site/page and that is to be there for the one person we do love.
I don’t want to talk about love in such a bad way, because in my opinion love is something beautiful and in the same way kind of innocent. Even though it has two sites I do think that is something everyone needs in his/her life one day.

But we should not only speak of that kind of love because in my opinion there are two ways to love a person.
The first way is, of course, a relationship with another person who you love in the way she/he is.
The second way are family and friends who are the most important human beings in your entire world since there are always here when you need them! For instant, through all your break ups and all your reunions. They will be there to hold your hand when you need it the most!
And since I am currently not in a relationship I want to talk about that way of love since this is form me one of the most important ones!
As I said it before your best friends, even if it’s just one person, will be always there for you, for example, to talk about every issue in your life. They will always listen to you and they are the only ones who will always tell you the truth even if it hurts because that’s why friends are for!
That doesn’t mean that they are only waiting to hear from you! A friendship has two sites too. you have a give and take relationship because if you don’t give love and understanding to another person, you won’t get it back!! That’s also a rule in a relationship! Even though it might be hard in the beginning!
In my opinion having a great friendship is the most important thing in the world! That’s the reason why I am writing it down that often since they are those people that will be on your site whatever comes!
So please don’t take a friendship as something normal and thank your best friend too and tell them that you like/love them too whatever comes!

What do you think about love? Do you have a definition? Or what means Valentin’s Day to you?

XX Vero


  1. I think love does exist, but I think that there are more kinds than just love for a friend/family member and a partner. I think the most important kind of love is the one for yourself because how can you expect anyone else to love you if you don't even like yourself? And another kind of love you can have might be called "passion" by some people, but it's the love for what you do. I, for instance, love traveling, seeing the world and writing about it. You might not call that love and that's fine with me, but I think that in the long term that is what really counts. You have to be happy because if you aren't happy then your partner won't be happy either. And I also think that sometimes people think too much about other people's love and too poorly about love for themselves. I don't have a definition for love but I think that's not necessary because great things don't need to be described.


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