This season is all about... red lips

Its Christmas time and we all have kind of a lot of stress during that time if its school, Uni, job or just the festive season in general. It’s still stressful even though we all love that season where we can give. As well as wear the ugliest jumper with the best red lip.
Yep you heard right it’s the red lip season where all the people who don’t want to wear a Christmas jumper are wearing red lips. (Well most oft them!) Today it’s all about the red lip.
Its not only a sign that Christmas is around the corner, its also a sign that we can go to a Christmas market and drinking punsch or whatever they have there.
But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a little red lip. But where do you fin the “perfect” red colour?
Well some people are literally going out with a great red lip. Others (including me!) are a little bit shyer and try to wear all the nudes or a not so bright red colour on our lips.
For those who are still looking for a great red lip for the festive season or in general, here are some little suggestions where you might find a different shade of red. So, today I will show you guys my top three red lip colours!
Well then let’s start!
As I said before I am a big fan of a red lip BUT wearing a red lip is sometimes quite hard for me, so I am always trying to find some red colours that I like and can wear.

© Krupitza Veronica

Yep, let’s go straight ahead into that topic and let`s start with the cheapest one:
© Krupitza Veronica
This colour is a really dark red colour and yes, we could fight about that colour if it is red or purple. But for me this is a kind of red/brown lipstick which I love to wear when I am out during the night time.
Its from the brand LOOK by Bipa in the shade “Sensation Lipstick 4 deep berry”. Yes, as is says its more of a beery tone but still a pretty nice red shade for those who are going all out and for those who are pretty brave! I can only recommend the home brand of Bipa the are pretty “cheap” (around 4 Euros) and they last forever. If you don’t have a Bipa in your county go to Rimmel London they have quite the similar colours. The case of that lipstick is silver with black stripes. On one end you can see what colour the lipstick has.

© Krupitza Veronica
Now let’s get to a bright red colour! And it is the most expensive one from my top three, but who doesn’t like a little bit of Dior on their lips? Yep you heard right! The next colour is from Dior and everyone who knows me, knows that I freaking love Dior! So that colour must be on my lips during Christmas time! It has a beautiful case which is all dark blue (midnight blue! As well as silver details which looks just fab!) On the lipstick itself it says Dior. It’s a very bright red which I am normally not wearing but that one is just my favourite from all three colours! Its in the shade 958 Sterling red! And it cost around (25 Euros).

© Krupitza Veronica
The last but no means least is a beautiful red soft matte lip cream from NYX! And I can only recommit that brand for any cosmetic product. But since we are talking about a red lip today we might focus on that for now! NYX really has the best liquid lipsticks I ever tried, which to be honest I was trying quite a lot! And the best red they have for me is the shade SMLC10 Monte Carlo. The colour itself looks quite dark from outside but it’s not that dark (even if I wished it would have been that dark!) However, its quite similar which is totally fine with me. This lipstick really stays on your lips for most of the day which is to be honest the best thing that could happen! Since I hate to look every second if I have still lipstick on my lips! So, for all of those who wants to try a good old friend of mine. NYX will be your partner of crime!

So, and that’s it from me those are the lipstick that I enjoy wearing during the festive seasons!
Do you have a favourite one? Or are you wearing red lips quite often? Let me now in the comments if you tried one of those before!