All the nudes on my Lips

When I am thinking of winter I have this picture in my head: Christmas tree, fancy dresses, Christmas jumpers, food and a red lip!
But when it comes to summer, spring or even autumn I can’t see myself wearing a red lip that often. Maybe its because when winter starts everything is kind of dark and perhaps a red lip brightens up the mood.
When I think of summer I see myself wearing the brightest colours and well a nude lip! So today its time to show you my favourite nudes and where you can get them!
 When it comes to lipstick I can tell you I have way too many, but I guess its ok because they have all different shades. 😊
It’s the end of march and I am excited to get the heath back, to wear dresses and jumpsuit and go back to my fav nude lip.
So, today I thought I am going to share my favourite nudes with you and which I was wearing the most:
©Veronica Krupitza

It feels like years when I wanted to get my hands on this lipstick! And yes, I failed in the first two tries but after my friend gifted it to me, I was literally the happiest human being on earth! I love a good old liquid lipstick and I love them even more when they stick on my lips! After having it for a month now I was wearing it the whole time. For me it smells like chocolate and vanilla when it is still in the tube.  Because its sticking on your lips for most of the day it is a bit draining. But when you are using a lip balm before using the Kyle Jenner liquid lipstick you are good to go.

This lipstick is my second Mac lipstick. I got it from my brother and my friends to my 20th birthday and since then I was wearing it a lot! It has a really creamy consistency; however, it does not stay that long on your lips. So, you need to have this lipstick in your bag when you are going out. But all in all, it’s a cheaper alternative to a kylie Jenner lipstick! Because the colour is quite similar!
©Veronica Krupitza

This was - is- dreamy and creamy! I absolutely love the consistency! AND I absolutely love to wear it for a fancy night out where I am wearing a beautiful dress. This lipstick has a bit of a shimmer which makes it even glamourous! Its not draining your lips and it feels like a fancy lip balm! The best!!

This is one of my least favourite colours! Don’t get me wrong it’s as beautiful as the other Mac lipstick but the colour itself doesn’t really suit me that good! It even has the same consistency which means it is as good as the velvet Teddy lipstick... But I wanted to include this one here because it’s the perfect shade for a beautiful blue summer dress with brown heels and a brown bag! OH, and a Straw hat!
©Veronica Krupitza

Product Details on the pictures:

Those are my top four nudes that I wanted to share with you!

Did you try one of them??