A Day Trip to Brighton

I love London and if you follow me on Instagram you know that I where there of a week! Every time I am in London I am taking a day off the big city and go to a little city or village because I just enjoy seeing different parts of England!

This time I went to Brighton to enjoy the fresh air and watch the sea! After having the best three days in London I asked my two friends who came with me, if they want to see some other parts of England and I was really happy as they both said yes because it’s quite interesting seeing and exploring different cities in England, for example when I went to Bath or Oxford it looked quite different to London or even Brighton, but also the atmosphere is just different to London! Something I love about England is that even the smallest cities feel like you are not 100% at the countryside and you can still shop at Topshop and Co, as well as drinking a hot chocolate at Costa.
But back to the topic: Brighton was my choice because when I was around 15 years old I went to Brighton with my parents and my brother to see some other parts of England or as I always call it to have a break of the big city life and have a little holiday called a day trip! I remembered that I really enjoyed Brighton because of the streets, the weather (London was quite cold), the sun and how different the sea looks!
Maybe I choose Brighton to see all the things I saw when I was younger or due to all the Youtubers living their best life there!
So, we decided on the 27th of February to take the train to Brighton! On this day it was freaking cold in London, so I was glad to leave the city behind to catch a bit of sun! Well let’s say I did catch some sun but also some freezing weather vibes and a bit of snow!

But back to the beginning:

The train journey:
Maybe it is expensive but, in my opinion, it was quite cheap we paid 28,40 Pounds (off peek) for two ways and could take every train we wanted as well as we could choose when we want to go back! We arrived in Brighton in less than an hour! The train station was quite near to the sea, so we didn’t have any problems to get there!

Well I love food and be aware if you want to eat your food near the pier because all the birds really try to get your food! Yep I am not a big fan of sharing my food if it wasn’t my choice to make… But the birds didn’t mind at all. We ate mini doughnuts on the Brighton Pier standing next to the banks and enjoyed the sun as well as protecting our food from all the birds that tried to steal it from us!
NO tea NO coffee but a Costa Hot Chocolate! I love Costa and when I am in England that`s the only thing you will see me holding in my hand if its not a black tea with milk!
Lunch was linner? (Linner= Lunch and Dinner)
I love a good old Brunch at any time during the day! Don’t ask me why but I love breakfast and its even better when you call it Brunch! I decided to take a vegetarian English breakfast and a black tea at Patisserie Valerie which is my favourite place for tea time! I can only recommend this place!

Mission: avoid poos
A lot of birds mean a lot of flying poos! If you want to have a relaxing walk on the beach there might be no problem but near the Pier there might be some flying poo-problems as I like to call it!
I can remember it clearly as my best friend said to me: “Such cute birds, look at the seagulls.” The moment she ended her sentence we were under a poo attack of not only one seagull but five!! No, I am not joking at all! So, always look where you are going if you don’t want a little present of a seagull on your head or shoulder.

The sea
The sea was amazing and different! Normally, I only see the typical summer holiday sea with a lot of sand! Here in Brighton they have no sand but stones which was, to be honest, quite lovely to walk on! Since you don’t get those stones in your shoes!

The touristy part on the Pier
The only thing we did was walking on the beach enjoying the view, the sun and the company of each other’s! Oh, and drinking a hot chocolate at Costa! The moment we came to the Pier we got a bit too touristy and took a lot of pics for our albums but also some really beautiful Instagram photos (You will see them on *my Insta* in some days)!

It`s time to go back home to London
I really enjoyed that little day trip to Brighton, wandering around and watching the sea and eating a lot of good food! But everything has an ending and we were on our way back home to London!
The train journey was good we talked a lot and decided what we wanted to do the next day!
 I can only recommended Brighton for its sea and for a little break! Not only for tourists but also for Londoners!


 All Photos of myself © Marie-Christin Tripolt
All Landscape Pictures © Veronica Krupitza