It`s all about the...

„ Money, Money, Money must be funny in a rich man`s world…” We all know that problem! Money rules the world and if you want something, you need to buy it. Nothing really is for free that’s what Donna in Mamma Mia the movie finds out after she saw that her little adorable Hotel is ruined.
We all know it that if we want to travel, buy a new pair of shoes or the one bag that dreams are made of, we have to pay it. That’s quite a problem if you don’t have the money for it! Well today I am announcing a little challenge I am going to try out during that year!

I love reading Look Magazine, and in one of their articles they wrote about saving money. And that’s what I am going to do this year!
Since I love to travel, go shopping and spend all my money for food because food is life! I thought its going to be the best challenge I could do.
Every day, from now on, I will save one Euro (For all the others out there a pound, Dollar,…) for the next couple of months. When we reach the 31st of December, I will open my little piggybank and I will show you- my loves- how much I did save during the year and what I can do with that money and if it actually work for me (do I have enough will power to do that?)
© Veronica Krupitza

Because its always easy to say I am going to save money than actually doing it! That’s the reason why I want to try it out. To see if it’s really working and how hard it actually is. Its all about will power of not buying every fancy shoe I can see or one cupcake that would taste amazing. But also, to focus on what really matters in that occasion: saving money for something bigger (Maybe something from Tiffany’s or a little weekend trip to …?)
Stay tuned because I will update you every month form now on! If I had any Problems with saving money, of if it is:  easy peasy lemon squeezy! During that challenge I will try out to find something I want to spend the money for. And if it is a weekend trip I would love to let you choose out of a little selection where I should go! (It will be announced on my Instagram page/ Instagram Story, so follow me there if you want to vote where I should travel in 2019)!

© Veronica Krupitza

Lots of love XX Vero