A bit of London in Vienna? Or How to prepare for London?

Since I am going to visit London, I thought I am going to show you how I prepare myself to be back in the city that I fell in love when I was 14 years old.

Over the last six years I travelled to London whenever I could afford it! Since I could travel on my own I was saving money to visit that place. And now I will be there, celebrating my birthday!!

Long story short I need to prepare to fit in into the London lifestyle!
Which means eating English food, having tea time and getting the perfect jacket that keeps me warm!

The first stop is English Breakfast!
I love a proper breakfast! Like honestly breakfast is the best thing to eat and whenever I am in a restaurant I am always asking for the breakfast card! Even thought it`s too late to order it! Yes, maybe I am weird but it`s all about the breakfast! One of my favs is English Breakfast!! And yes, I am aware that I am a pescatarian which means no meat for me! Which is totally fine!
This is one of my alternatives: Toast, hash browns, fried egg and a LOT of baked beans! And there is one thing that is not allowed to miss in my everyday breakfast as well as my English breakfast: Black Tea with Milk!

A good old read about…
Tea time! For Christmas I got a book about Tea time! And I can tell you is all about delicious and beautiful shops in London where you can get: Tea Time!
But if you don’t want to learn the basic stuff about London there are two really good books about the strange things that happened in London during the past hundred years which was absolutely entertaining to read! Also, a good series is A very British Problem which I read during January! I can only recommend this book for all the people that love England, especially London! As well as for having a good laugh and head shaking moments!

Watching a bit of history or some funny fiction things! Series about the royal family such as The Royals, the crown as well as The Windsor’s (This is a parody or a jokey series!) are the perect thing to watch when you are travelling to London and want to watch some british bits!

And the last but no means least thing to do is, of course, tea time! Going for tea time is one of my favourite things to do! I love sipping my tea whilst eating too many scones! And discussing the two big Tea time problems: Tea first or milk first! (For me it’s tea first!) and first clotted cream or jam first? If you are in Vienna check out the little Cafe Little Britain!

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Tea and Cake London Book // A very British Problem Book // A Curious guide to London Book // The Royals Series // The Crown Series // The Windsor`s Netflix // Cafe Little Britain Tea Tim in Vienna