Talking about Blogger Goals 2018

Hello my friends!
Nice to talk to all of you again!
Todays blog is going to be about my Blogger goals of 2018 (This Blogpost is also part of entering “The Bloggers` Retreat” competition!)
I really thought a lot of my goals and as you guys now I did a New Years Resolution list (Last Post- If you want to read more about it click *here*) however that topic is a little bit tricky at least for me! As a blogger for fun, I really enjoy writing (obviously!)

So, you can see that I do like writing and preparing content for you guys not only on that blog but also on my Instagram page, where I am showing you some little bits and bobs of my life (What I am wearing, where I am and what I am eating… and so on)
But when it comes to that one question of my Blogger goals I am not quite sure!  Since there are some things I want to achieve until the end of 2018! (OMG its quite strange thinking of the end of 2018 when we are literally at the start of the new year!)
I can tell you for sure, that thinking of all the things I want to do on my Blog as well as for my Blog was quite simple as well as a bit tricky!

One point that is quite important for me is that I really hope that my Blog will improve in any way it can, not only of getting a better structure, a stable Posts per month and comments as well as gaining more readers which would be cool too.
But the most important point (for me) is, still having fun with creating content for you guys and for myself! That’s the reason why I would love to take part of that competition to learn and get to know myself, my Blog as well as the big old and exciting Blogger world!

Nowadays its quite hard to focus on all the things that are important for someone so for me its important to focus on all the things that are significant to me, so my Blog is important for me as well as having fun producing all my content here but also on my Instagram account (if you want to check it out its veronica_pinguin). 

So, lets all focus on those bits (not only included blogging) that we want to do and let’s try to get it where we want it to be!
Tell my, what are your goals for 2018?

XX vero

Photo Credits goes to LittleMCT