A Weekend Trip to Prague

Travelling is such a great word. And I guess we all love that word. A lot.
At least I like it.
Before Christmas I went on a three-day trip to Prague with my friends- to discover the city, to relax a bit and just to enjoy life! And yes, we did that!
As you might know I really enjoy travelling even if it its only for a little weekend trip. Today I want to talk about that little relaxing trip to Prague and how I fell in love with that beautiful city.

Before I went to Prague I didn`t even care about the city and I never thought in a million years that I will like the city for its beautiful view and stunning streets (those streets are 100 percent Instagram worthy). My friend, Marie-Christin, and myself talked a lot about travelling and we both decided that its time to see more of the world. So, me made a list of all the places that we want to see one day. Prague was one of the chosen ones. That`s the reason why we thought let`s do a little weekend trip before Christmas. After we visited Bratislava in October, we thought it would be time to see some other cities near Vienna.
So, when we started to plan our trip to Prague, I can tell you we had some proper ups and downs when it came to the organizing part. Since we wanted it as cheap as possible we decided to take the train from Vienna to Prague. When the time came where we wanted to book the train we actually had the shock of our lives!! Travelling to Prague was expensive! After literally freaking out, we decided to search for another options and found regiojet! Our actual life saver! We only paid 30 Euros for two ways per person which was and still is a bargain!
The train journey was 4 hours long which wasn’t bad at all, we had a very interesting conversation with a lovely couple from America and played cards in the meantime.
All in all I can say that the train journey was amazing and time flew by quickly.

Our Hotel (Church Pension) was near to the centre as well as quite near to the train station. A plus point was, that we didn’t need to take the underground, bus or train to get from A to B. The Hotel itself was lovely small and simple and our room had its own kitchen area, as well as a private bathroom! But there was something else that took my breath! The view from our room was just amazing!

Yep, normally people are travelling to a city and they will try the city`s national food or anything in that direction! I would lie if I said that we did that too. Costa was our breakfast and midnight snack and Pizza, Subway and a Baguetteria was our food source! We wanted to try out some new stuff, however we never came to that point…  

What we did:
We did a lot in those three days but in the same time we didn’t wanted to have a full program at all.
However, we saw the basics!
My highlight was The Prague Castle and I am really happy that my two friends went all up with me! Because going all up wasn’t that easy for us unsporting human beings. But after we finally arrived at the top I was out of breath (and not only because I went all up!) but of the view! It looked so beautiful and I guess that was the moment where I kind of fell in love with the beautiful views of Prague. Yes, we had a little photo shoot for our Instagram page as well as for a proper touristic photo for our album. The best part was after we finished our little but great look around (and photo shoot) it started to snow which was even better!!
Before we went to the Prague Castle we saw the Charles Bright the Dancing House and the old Town Square as well as some shopping streets and Christmas markets!

Fell in love:
That city is 100 % Instagram worthy and the streets kind of remember me of London, which is the bets compliment something can get from me!!
I could literally take a picture at every corner! Which never happened to me before!

Time to say goodbye to Prague:
After some lovely three days in Prague it was time to go home. Personally, I was quite said leaving Prague behind after having Costa Hot Chocolate every day and every hour literally whenever I fancied one. But also leaving a city that I absolutely enjoyed in every bit! As well as all the memories and inside jokes my friends and myself created in that time!

I can only recommend visiting Prague for a weekend trip with your friends, family or your partners! Even the train journey wasn’t too long (departure from Vienna).

Photo credits: LittleMCT, Veronica Krupitza