Bye 2017 Hello 2018

The new year is coming with big steps towards us. And to be honest I am not sure if I am ready to leave 2017 behind me!
That year was ruff quite a lot of things happened and some of the things I wanted to happen didn’t start at all. But hey sometimes that’s good right?
Well today´s Blog Post will be a bout the new year the future the past and everything that comes with it!

2017 was a great year, I started that blog and enjoyed every single post.
I did more sport and I feel quite fit now which was a goal for me
I travelled more! (well not a lot but we are on a good way!)
I am a pescatarian for one year now!
I got to know so many lovely people
And I started to get more into fashion photography  (that’s something I always wanted to do however I wasn’t sure if I can do it at all!)

Because I achieved quite a lot of goals I am pretty proud and happy about that! So, you can see I am not quite ready to leave that year behind me even though I hope 2018 will be even better!
Every time a new year ends I am kind of sad and maybe that sounds stupid, but I am not sure why. Every year at the end I am looking back what I did that year and remember try not to forget it. So, to be honest today is one of those days where I am a little bit sad that the new year will be here soon, and I can’t change it at all.

Yes, I am sad that the old year will be over in less then two days however I am as well quite excited about the new year which means new start, new opportunities and new memories!  OH, and new New Year’s resolutions!
Every end of the year I am thinking of everything that I achieved in that year and what I want to do next year!

Something that is always on my list is being healthy and yes quite a lot of people think just because I am a Pescatarian (Vegetarian who eats fish but no other meat) I am quite healthy! Which is – to be honest- not true! I am not in a hundred years a healthy eater even though I try my hardest to be one! However, it always is on my list and maybe I will be healthier that year!

Another point on my new year resolution list is sport! Even though I achieved that goal this year I want to stay fit and feel the best I ever did! And yes, I will do that for this coming year again (not only because I signed in  a fitness studio membership!)

Next point on my list will be starting to learn a new language! That point, oh man I can tell you I always wanted to learn French, or get my Spanish on point however I never really did anything for that! I mean yes, I worked on my English a lot since I love the language a lot! And if you don’t know it I just LOVE London!  However, I never focused on all the other language I wanted to learn. I always said I will do it one day! But that day never came. So, this year I will start to learn French or get my Spanish on point! I am still not sure what I want to do but I will do something in that case!

Singing! You might not know that, but I love to sing and no I don’t mean singing in the shower and pretend that I am a superstar with a great voice! (Well sometimes I love to do that too^^). But that’s not what I want to say! I graduated from an artistic high school and we learned a lot about singing and stuff! Since I am in University I am not really singing a lot. Well not in a learning process. However, I want to start doing that again because I really enjoyed singing and working on my voice! Let’s see how it goes!

Travelling is another point on my bucket list! In 2018 I want to see more of the world and there are some places that I want to see! For example, Amsterdam, Rome as well as Munich, Berlin and parts of Scotland and for course my big love London!

And the most important one is enjoying every second in my life and doing the things I want to do! Which might sound stupid to some people! But I want to focus on myself and tell people what bothers me without thinking that I am a bad person just for saying the things I feel/think!

Well I hope that 2018 will be as good or even better than 2017/2016! Let’s end the last day with a happy sad smile and start the new year with a happy smile!
How about you do you have some new years resolutions?

Xx Vero
Photo Credits: Veronica Krupitza