An Everyday Christmas Outfit

Yes, some people are going all out with a red lip, others like to dress up/down and others have a festive outfit for Christmas time.
And you can hundred percent count me to the people who love to wear a little bit of a Christmas look during this beautiful season!
Today its going to be about one little Christmas outfit you can wear during that season without any problems. You can wear this look with a red lip or even without one as I did. Because as I said before some people just love to go all out and some of them don’t which is totally fine.

For quite a while I had a beautiful Christmas jumper and I really loved wearing it (even thought it was quite extraordinary!) People always stared at me during that time and yes sometimes I did feel strange wearing that jumper even though I loved it to bits.
After that (and because I grew out) I didn’t really have another jumper for that season so I started to wear different things during Christmas time (Chrsitmas socks, accesories and so on). However, I missed wearing a Christmas jumper!
So, this year I got a pretty beautiful Christmas jumper from one of my besties and I was so excited about that (not only because it is a Christmas jumper but also because it has a freaking penguin on it!!). So, I decided it’s time to get out my inner Christmas freak and celebrate the days before Christmas in my new Christmas jumper! That’s the reason why I am sharing my winter outfit with you guys to show you what I am wearing during that season.
So, let’s get into my favourite outfit:
The most important thing of that outfit is -of course- the Christmas jumper which can be a bit of a normal Christmas jumper or a “I am going all out” Christmas jumper!
Well because I love penguins and snow as well as Christmas oh and the colour grey this Christmas pullover is actually me in a Christmas jumper!
If a penguin is nothing for you there are quite a lot of different ones in stores as well as online. Don’t you worry I am going to link everything below so that you can shop that outfit or even other Christmas jumpers! The best part of a Christmas jumper is that you can wear it during the whole Christmas time in all the different occasions and outfit combinations, for example, with a skirt, jeans or even with a A-line dress.

Since its quite cold in that time I decided to wear jeans (yep I realised that that jeans have cut outs!). However, I was craving to wear a ripped jean for ages I decided to wear my Christmas jumper with ripped jeans and tights (because t was a little bit colder than in summer) so that this look looks a bit edgier and not only cute.
The jean that i am wearing in this picture is from Brandy Melville, however i couldnt find the exact same pair on their website I can only recommend going there and take a look through the clothes since they don’t have everything on their website.  
Since my jumper has the colour grey and a penguin on it I decided to wear brown shoes from Clarks as well as a brown bag from Hallhuber since I was wearing a brown scarf (which you cannot see in that picture!) I do like Hallhuber bags a lot because they have quite a lot of room which means you can fit in everything you need for university, shopping or even for your job. I really like to combine my bags, shoes and belts (if I am wearing one) as well as my scarfs in my outfit so that doesn’t look that random. For everyone who likes this kind of shoe Clarks shoes have the best ones! I can only recommend those shoes.

All outfits need a bit of accessories, BUT a Christmas jumper doesn’t really need any extras which is quite nice if you are in a rush!
But if you like to, wear some earrings, they are always fine however I am wearing my Daniel Wellington watch and my Tiffany’s necklace for a little bit of extra colour.

As you can see I love an easy everyday Christmas outfit that looks good and totally put together. If you are interested in one of those bits and bots I will link them down below, so that you can shop that outfit. 😊

Outfit inspiration:
This outfit woukd look great with a black skirt  and black tights too!

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All those opinions are my own! This is NOT paid.

Photo Credits: LittleMCT, Veronica Krupitza