A Cosy Night In

Hello guys,
Today I want to talk about a beautiful night in.
I do love gong out during the Christmas time however sometimes I really enjoy staying in watching a beautiful movie with a hot chocolate, a blanked and my pjs!
As I said before I just love a beautiful night in because sometimes I just want to say bye to the world and hello sofa, book, Pjs and movies. So today I will tell you my perfect Christmas related cosy night in!

The first thing I am doing when I have a cosy night in is making myself a cup of tea! If you are following me on my Instagram, you might haven seen that I cannot live without a proper black tea with milk. However sometimes a little hot chocolate from Cadbury is everything I need! But that’s not everything normally I am wearing my best and most comfortable pjs! My favourite pair for now is an all-midnight blue one with like million stars on it! Of course, I will link everything I mentioned down below! So after getting in this pair I am looking for my tea/hot chocolate if it’s all done after that I am usually taking my three books (Tanya`s Christmas, Tea&Cake London and Mission Mistelzweig) that I am currently reading. Well this is the part where I am normally lying on my sofa with billions of pillows and the best blanked ever (Jack Wolfskin).

Normally I am starting with my Tea&Cake London book since I ma going to be in London pretty soon and I want to try some new Tea shop and tea time places! If I have enough of that I am usually choosing which book might be the next! That’s the part where I only read like 5-6 pages and then I am literally done due to all the thing that are in my head! That’s the point where I am taking my notebook and write everything down, for example, what I want to do tomorrow, or ideas for my blog and so on. After that part I am quite often done with my tea/hot chocolate and that’s the moment where I have to decide if I need one more drink (we all know I do!^^) and some snacks. Since its Christmas time i am trying not to eat so much sweets even though I am hundred percent failing in that case. So that’s the point where I need to decide if I am eating healthy (banana, strawberries) or chocolate. Well as you can image due to Christmas time I am trying to eat all the healthy stuff…

After struggling with my decision I am ready for a beautiful movie. Normally I am watching some cute and a romantic movie since I am one of the most romantic person on the entire world. This time I choose to watch “the Christmas prince” which is a new Christmas movie on Netflix. Another movie that I love to watch is “the devil wears Prada”. THIS movie is just the best! Because I just cannot watch a movie during Christmas time without my fairy lights turned on I have to do that before I can do anything!

XX Vero

Photo credits: Veronica Krupitza