A weekend trip to Bratislava

Travelling! This is just an amazing word. And it means quite a lot to many people! So, you can properly guess that travelling is something fantastic and amazing for me!
Even though I am enjoying travelling a lot I am not doing that quite often, which is really sad. However, when I am travelling I am doing this with my favourite people, that incudes of course my family and my closes friends! Because travelling with my favourite people is always great!

So, this summer I didn’t really do a lot due to university and exams. Because that’s uni life and I don’t want to complain about that because I freaking love my university life and I am really thankful for all the people I got to know during my first year!
Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to say in that Blogpost^^. Let’s get back to the point where I wanted to tell you guys about my weekend trip to Bratislava with one of my best friends!

We wanted to do something before university starts so we decided to go somewhere near Vienna, and a city that is not part of Austria and so we decided to travel to Bratislava which was the best idea! We didn’t really plan anything even though we both are total control freaks which is extreme strange. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights in one of the most beautiful hotels I ever stayed in! THAT room was big and i can only recommend the Loft Bratislava to everyone who wants a great weekend with Family, friends or even with their loves! The people were really nice to us and they talked English fluently and gave us some further details if we needed it. A plus point for that hotel is that it’s really near to the old centre and really near to one train station. (But check which train arrives at this station!! That’s really important!!)
On our first day we only went to our hotel and chilled a little bit in our room. After that we decided to go on an adventure which means we wanted to discover our little neighbourhood. (If you wonder where we stayed exactly: behind the presidential palace) The first thing we found was the presidential garden which was one of my favourite discoveries in Bratislava. That small garden was just the best with its trees and that autumn atmosphere. As well as for some beautiful photos!

After our adventure we went out for dinner! We had pizza because I was craving for Pizza quite a while and I don’t know why°°! And here is a little tourist tip for you guys who are travelling with a tight budget! Food in Bratislava is cheap! You must avoid most of the touristy places (even those are quite cheap but still it can be cheaper and as good as those places!)

 My favourite time in a day is the mornings due to breakfast! I just love breakfast! And if you are a person who loves breakfast in your Hotel that’s fine I don’t judge you since I really like that too^^. But if you stay in the near of the presidential palace you need to go to Pàn Cake! They are making pancakes, obviously. The sweet pancakes cost between 1,60 to 1,90 which is really affordable and delicious. I would be lying if I still know the prices for the “salty” pancakes. However, I do think that the prices were the same.

Something I was most excited was a chocolate bar that you only get in Bratislava! So, I absolutely recommend buying that as a little sweet snack during the hard day of a tourist. It’s called Mila! On our second day we had a plan what we wanted to do because how can two control freaks travel to another place and don’t pan a freaking trip? Well, yes, we do! On that day we did the typical touristy bits that everyone must do in another country. We went to St. Michaels Gate and took to many pictures as well as selfies! Next stop was Martins church, the old city hall, Roland Fountain! Taking photos with the man at work and his friends was pretty fun too! The last thing we did on that day was going all up to the castle Bratislava which I really enjoyed! Because that was our last night in Bratislava we ate dinner at our hotel and after that we were looking for some cake because how can you not want something sweet after dinner?

On our last day we only ate breakfast at “Moods Bakery & Coffee”, which wasn’t as good as Pàn Cake! After that we went to our hotel and checked out. To be honest I absolutely enjoyed every second in Bratislava and I have to confess that I really want to do that again! 

Train tickets from Vienna to Braitislava: 16 € with ÖBB