A Basic Autumn Outfit

I love a typical basic outfit that doesn’t look that basic at all. The things even though I enjoy a fancy outfit, sometimes I just want to be comfortable and looking good in the same time.
I personally enjoy watching a lot of YouTube videos to find a comfy outfit as well as a fancy outfit in one so that i do look put together even though I didn’t do anything special!
For me and I think that a lot of people have some problems as me is to change from a summer outfit into an autumn outfit.
Today I want to show you how you can take the most basic outfit and style it into a more autumn look!

First of all we all have a basic black tee! Maybe it has short sleeves or long ones but that doesn’t matter because it depends how cold it is or how your laver it.
A black tee is one of the most basic things and a total essential for your wardrobe.  I do prefer a short sleeve one for summer or spring and a long one for autumn and winter time because you can never go wrong with a basic white or black as well as grey t-shirt. 😊
So take your favourite black tee and wear it with a basic blue jeans it doesn’t matter if its high waisted or not. With that combo you just can’t get wrong at all. The next essential is of course a leather jacket if you don’t like a real one you can always get a fake leather one. Because you can wear a leather jacket in every situation I would recommend buying a more expensive one because you can wear it for a lifetime! A leather jacket will never get out of trend!
© Krupitza,Veronica
So, I combined my black tee, which I got from Terranova this time (they have great black t-shirts at Primark too), with my super high waisted skinny leg jeans from Topshop, which is the best jeans I ever brought with my leather jacket!  Because that is kind of an all-black outfit I chose to wear my little cute ballerinas, which are also from Primark.
TIP: If you like a certain style but you don’t know if you want to buy an expensive pair of whatever just go to Primark they have the best cheapest version of everything! I just can recommend that pair of shoes since they are freaking (!!!) comfortable to wear and I got quite a lot of compliments for those!
Because wearing only a black tee with jeans and a leather jacket is quite boring (sometimes it`s just a great outfit with a heel for a night out! BUT because we want to make an all-day outfit we do have to wear some Accessories!)
So, something I always recommend to wear are earrings since they always look good with any outfit. However, I can’t wear them, I would wear some necklaces. Here I am only wearing my Tiffany`s necklace but it doesn’t matter which necklace you wear just put one that you like. Because I am more of a “silver” person my accessories are all in silver! (apart from my watch!) You can chose that by your preference! 😊
© Krupitza,Veronica
Apart from my necklace I am wearing a bracelet from Alex and Ani, which I got from a friend when she flied to New York! It one of my favourite bracelet and I always wanted one from that brand! My watch is from Daniel Wellington and it is a big essential for me because when I am at university it really helps me to hold on track .
Due to the cold weather I just need a big scarf that holds me warm, and it makes it even better when it has an autumn colour! For my bag I usually wear a rucksack since its easier to handle in university! Here I am wearing it with another colour of brown! If you are not a fan of that colour youcan always use a black bag!
And this is my basic but stylish outfit that I would wear during autumn and winter!
© Krupitza,Veronica
If I am wearing it in the winter time I would wear a massive coat over it! And other black shoes, for example ankle boots.
As you can see I love an easy outfit that looks that good and totally put together. If you are interested in one of those bits and bots I will link them down below, so that you can shop that outfit. 😊
© Krupitza,Veronica

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