What?? Urban Outfitters??

People everywhere. Loud music wherever you go. Free drinks. And even more clothes than you ever saw. Yes, that’s a great grand opening of an Urban Outfitters in Vienna. So, you can image that I am extremely excited about that. Every fashionista knows that Topshop, Miss Selfridges, New Look and Urban Outfitters are keys. Furthermore, we don’t really have any international High Street Stores in Vienna, which can be really frustrating when you have to wait until your next holidays or doing all your shopping online.

But now we have not only “Monki” and “Tk maxx” in Vienna but also an Urban Outfitters. AND that’s something we have to celebrate. That was something we celebrated with an amazing grand opening on the 27th of July.

©Veronica Krupitza
Call me crazy or anything you might think that fits better but when something big like that happens in Vienna and I am going to such an event, I always have the feeling that I have to dress up a little bit. Don’t ask me why I just have to do it. Maybe it is a tradition or something else.  And that means I had to find the perfect outfit that looks chic BUT cool too. Which can be sometimes really difficult when you want it to be perfect. So, after going through my whole closet I found an amazing blazer which will make the outfit chic and the perfect body and jeans that make it cool.
To be honest I was a bit nervous which might sound stupid to you but this was/is a big deal for me since I must say I never was in an Urban Outfitter shop before. So, I was super excited about that grand opening since I follow them on all my social media channels, plus I absolutely love their clothes as well as their style.

©Veronica Krupitza
After meeting one of my favourite human beings and one of my closest friends we took the underground to the station “Neubaugasse”. From that station, you could hear the loud music and you knew in which direction you must go. Every step we made the music got louder and louder. That’s how we knew that we were going the right direction. As we found the store, I was totally shocked how many people wanted to be there too. When we got in the bouncer were super polite and they greeted us. I have to say that I was overwhelmed when I got in. Not only because the store was super amazing and everything I thought of but also because the music was even louder so that I could not hear my friend talking to me. So, we tried to talk with hand gestures so that we knew where we wanted to go.

©Veronica Krupitza
Now I am not quite sure what to say. It was full, expensive, loud and oh yay they had free drinks which made this adventure even better. Urban Outfitters had so much stuff in there. Even for people who don’t like to wear that kind of style. The best thing about Urban Outfitters is that they don’t have only clothes they also have books, tea pots, plant pots, stationary and underwear from different brands. And I have to say that even my friend found some bits and bobs in there and normally that’s not really her clothing style. However, in the end she only bought some stationary stuff, which is totally find since they had such beautiful stationary bits. They even have a photo booth in their store which was over filled with people wanting to take some pictures.
©Veronica Krupitza
All in all, I had a super amazing event, even though I didn’t buy anything that day. Not because I didn’t find anything, but because I was so overwhelmed that I wasn’t sure what to take since I cannot buy the whole store. That’s the reason why I came back the next day to go through everything again and to be 100% sure what to buy. Even though it was the next day it was still really full.

Tip: If you want to go on such a great event search for it via Facebook, Google or even Instagram. You might find some great stores that are going to open a store in your city.