Talking about A Little Perfect Day

Sometimes there are those days where you are just sitting with one of your oldest friends in a little but amazing cafe eating breakfast as your lunch. And you call them the most beautiful days.
©Veronica Krupitza
Today I had a really great day and no I am not only saying that because I am writing a blog post about it, I am saying that because I really enjoyed it.  Nowadays when you are meeting a friend you are always going to an American shop drinking a Café latte and talk about the different topics that you can find. Even though I am doing this too and don’t get me wron - I love those days as much as I do love to sit in a Viennese café. But sometimes you just want to discover something new. So that it is not a Starbucks or a McDonalds drink, sometimes you just need a little café that is in a little side road that nobody knows. And that’s what we were looking for.

©Veronica Krupitza
Some days ago, my friend asked me if we want to meet again, and of course I said that I would absolutely love that since I really like spending time with her and talk about different things. And to be honest every time I am meeting her I get to know a new little place that I never saw before which is great. As always, she showed me a new little place which was so adorable. That place is not perfect which makes it even more perfect at all. All the chairs look different and they also have different sofas and different tables and some tables are not even right tables which is even more perfect! The place isn’t modern which is great sometimes you just need a little comfortable little spot where you can chill and talk where not a lot of people are.

©Veronica Krupitza
The only thing I think is sad is that they only have lunch before 4 p.m. I mean don’t get me wrong I freaking love breakfast and they have it until 4 p.m. which is amazing!! The breakfast prices are really good and after an English Breakfast I was literally full and couldn’t move at all. It really was the best English Breakfast that I ate in Vienna so far. They even have four different homemade lemonades and not only me but my friend drank one. After a perfect brunch which was actually a breakfast for lunch we talked a lot with each other. Its funny how time flies when you are having such a good time with a friend. 

When you are in Vienna or if you are living here you can go to “Liebling” which is the name of the little café in a side road next to Mariahilferstraße.

Zollergasse 6, 1070 Wien