Who said ice cream?

Today it`s all about ice cream.
I love ice cream and that’s not a secret. Especially when it is getting hot.
In Vienna, we do have some little cute food festivals especially in summer. So, on the 8th of July I went with two really good friends to the ice cream festival at Augarten.
It was a really hot day so it was the perfect day for not only one scoop of ice cream but for 3 scoops of ice cream. Since the weather was more than lovely, we decided to do something new. Via Facebook we found that event “Ice Cream Festival” at Augarten from the 8th until the 9th of July. The most important thing is that you don’t have to pay entrance. That was the perfect opportunity to spent a day with two amazing human beings who love ice cream as much as I do. 

So, we met -for me- quite early to get there. There were less than 20 booths of different selections and variations of ice cream. Even though there were not that much booths I could not decide which ice cream I would eat first. That’s the reason why we decisive to look around, but I have to say that that made my decision even harder since there were so many different kinds of ice cream, for example they had cream ice, soft ice, alcohol ice cream, ice cream burger, ice cream waffles and so on. After going around and seeing all the delicious ice cream I did not know what to take first at all.

As my two friends decided to go for an ice cream burger I decided to go for some frozen yogurt with pineapple and coconut.
©Veronica Krupitza
Not only looked that frozen yogurt really good it was good, and I had the feeling that I was in frozen yogurt heaven. In my opinion that was the best one I ever had in my entire life. The ice cream brand/shop is “Malu”. I am not quite sure if it is only in Austria / Vienna or not.
As I met my friends after getting my own ice cream it started to rain cats and dogs. That was horrible. We were standing there with our ice creams being really frustrated that it started to rain. Since we wanted to eat our ice cream in hot weather and in peace without holding an umbrella. So, we decided to do a little photoshoot in the rain before continuing our ice cream feast. Even though the weather was not that good we decided to stay since we wanted to try as much ice cream as we could.

©Veronica Krupitza
After eating the first ice cream, we wanted some more, obviously.  So, we started our journey all over again. After going through all booths, we wanted some soft ice and we found a really good one. In addition, I have to say it was delicious even though my favourite one was my first frozen yogurt. After I while it started to rain again. However, that did not stop us to eat even more ice cream. So, we got some more and enjoyed the not so great weather.

As we talked a lot and eat as much ice cream as we could it got really late so we decided to eat dinner at the festival too. Since they had some actual food trucks filled with amazing food.  We got some Hot Dogs and some drinks. And I know that I said it quite often but the food WAS amazing.

©Veronica Krupitza
I really had an astonishing day with my two friends and I am looking forward to going on a food festival again.

Tip: In Summer, there are quite a lot food festival not only in Vienna but also in other countries. If you want to visit one just look on Facebook or google it. You might find some food festivals near you. If you are in Vienna the next ice cream festival is in August, don’t miss it 😊