Discovering your personal style - The Curated Closet [Book]

Find your personal style

Is something that can be hard however one day everyone will find that! (well I hope so!)

I have to say that I am not sure what’s my personal style. And if someone asks me if I am wearing everything that’s in my closet than it would be a lie if I would say yes!
And sometimes I do have the feeling that even if I have like thousands of clothes that I have nothing to wear at all. Although that’s not even right since I have a full clothes closet!
Do you have that feeling too?
The thing is sometimes I do think that I have some really good options how to style, for example, a blouse or a black skinny jeans. But then there are days I am going through my wardrobe and I cannot find anything at all. And to be honest that’s kind of frustrating!
Since I am living in Austria and we have four seasons we need a lot of winter clothes but also autumn and summer clothes. However, my problem is that I am not good at layering my outfits at all!
And I am not sure how to do that properly (so that it looks stylish enough)!

So if you have the same problem like me, I can help you, since I found a way to find my personal style! But that’s not my credit! I heard from a really good book which should help you to build your own personal style as well as help you to have the RIGHT clothes in your wardrobe.
The book is called “Curated Closet” written by Anuschka Rees! Link to buy the book *here*
And if you are interested to read a review (in German) I will leave a link here too!
Whatever, this book really is an inspiration to me, it helps me to search what I want to wear and if that is my personal style! I didn’t finish the book yet however I am a big fan of it. (last 100 pages)
This book is not a book that tells you what you should wear and what not. It’s an interactive book that helps you to find your individual personal style. And it kind of helped me to wear things I liked on other people but I never tried to wear it because I thought it would look silly on me. And in the end I must say I really enjoyed wearing that outfit and that will be a reason why I have to wear that outfit again!

So if you have some problems in finding your style or finding some outfits where you feel like yourself that book will totally help you out!

See you soon

Xx Vero